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what is Mormon?  The Mormon Church is the "Corporation of the Church of [their non biblical] Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints". Its members are known for their charity and humanitarian and family values. They believe the Book of Mormon, that has 100s of changes since the original, was given to a Prophet Joseph Smith by him looking at a rock in a hat directly from  an everchanging God.  See topic essays.


: " mormon council of fifty"; "mormon oath of vengeance"; "mormon second annointing"; "john cochran polygamy" the "john the baptist" for the mormons whose general authorities held a general conference in his followers Saco, Maine prior to going west to Utah.

what is the Mormon Hierarchy? - It is the heredity-related descendants of Mormon founders, and spouses, of the mormon council of fifty, and apostles and often poygamous leaders of the 19th century -who believe 

(1) in a NON biblical "Jesus Christ" who was a polygamous, who is the off spring of God-father's sexual intercourse with his virgin daughter, crucified for practicing illegal polygamy, of whom they may be blood descendants [ blood line superiority];

(2) polygamy is the only way, mandatory, to the celestial kingdom with God, in the hereafter [moslem 70 virgins?];

(3) who took or were taught in temples, secret blood oaths of vengeance against our United States, and enemies, that were to be taught in homes to their children and grandchildren (from 1845-1927) ("mike lee, johnhuntsman, mitt romney?);

(4) they are building a literal, physical, totalitarian world EMPIRE financial, media, its own bank for its mission presidents and employees (?), banking, real estate, all courts and all levals of all governmentsthrough its temple sworn mormon government officials swearing all they have to one "king", "President" of the entire "world" the only person to receive God's word for the world, the Mormon Prophet [like Japanese  worshipping  their "god descendant" Emporer Hirohito of Japan in their pre wwii shinto and bushido code]

(5) they need not follow the same rules as all other members due to many of them having a "second annointings" that seal them to heaven, allowing men to judge other men as worthy of heaven instead of the biblical Jesus' judgment, allowing them to "build this EMPIRE of God, by lying, fraud, pedophilia or sex abuse, black mail, media smears, steal our Bill of 
Rights and national sovereignty, kill or destroy enemies to their "kingdom", now days by media and social, financial, professional destruction, and family rejection... all for their Jesus who is a brother of Lucifer, by their beliefs.  



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