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My name is Susan Rose. If you are angry with  me, or this site, please consider how can your anger harm me more than the following: a) I lost a testimony of a church I chose to love and devote my life and children's lives to for decades, b) I lost a Bar license, my proudest achievement, other than my marriage and family, that was invested with thousands of hours of work along with my name, reputation, and honor; c) a newspaper edited by the wife of the Utah Justice writing my disbarment order, ran a scathing piece about me running on international news wires; d) my granddaughter and daughter died in the year 2000, e) my husband and I divorced in about the year 2001,  f) and we reconciled years later, after mutual forgiveness, and finding the true Christ, and g) our children do not know the true Jesus Christ because we did not know Him to teach them properly with love, and h) finding a job as a publicly disbarred lawyer is hopeless, in any field requiring trust, and i) gave all we had to financially, socially, and spiritually support an unknown "man made" literal "kingdom" to benefit Mormon hierarchy families whose ancestors for nearly 100 years took treasonous oaths of vengeance to my beloved America.     What more do you wish to do to me?

To top it off, your wrath doesn't begin to compare with God's. If I don't tell you the truth, then I get God's wrath.  Romans 1:18.  So knowing this, what would you do?

I am publishing this website because I kept asking "why?" I obtained well-documented information that let me know I did not have all the facts when I made major life decisions 1) joining the Mormon church, trusting my eternal life to another flawed human being, and 2) joining the Utah State Bar that signed away my U.S. citizenship rights to legally protect my professional license.

I will explain 1) how Mormon John Taylor, and B.H. Roberts convinced me to leave the Mormon church, and my coming to Jesus Christ; and 2) enduring a 10 year disbarment without U.S. Supreme Court defined rights of an adversarial trial or impartial trier (as it is for ALL Bar members).

Utah raises an interesting question. Can a state eliminate its three branch elected republic form of  government, and replace it with "God's government" as a totalitarian "prophet" sees it? If so, can another state, such as a heavily Muslem state do the same? Is Michigan next?

And for  what it is worth, polygamy and polyandry will return and sooner than you think as long as all forms of sexuality are cloaked in "religion".  I understand the Church of Satan is out there too.  If they can block vote, what state can eliminate our Bill of Rights next? 


John Taylor showed me that Mormon Prophets cannot tell you the true nature of God!

I left Catholicism when I was about 27. I could not believe God would ever burn my very beloved grandfather in purgatory, since I never heard him be angry or cuss. His love for his family and friends was so wonderfully dependable. 

The Joseph Smith story was plausible because I, my family, and friends had supernatural miracle experiences. The idea of forever families and no burning in hell seemed good to me.   But the forever family depends on you obeying all of many, ​many, many rules.  I could not obey all.

Discouraged I read the Bible John 17, to me the most important part of the entire Bible. It touched my soul with love and comfort. I did not know the Jesus I prayed to was not the same as a Mormon Jesus.

When discouraged I would think I had to learn more, so I read the Journal of Discourses. 

I read a) a Journal of Discourse by, as I recall, John Taylor, asking the question of if there was progression between the Mormon three heavens; b) a bit later an alleged letter of David O McKay to a member said no Prophet has made a definitive statement as to if there is or is not progression, and c) a priesthood manual saying there was no progression.

So this told me that the Prophet never could tell me the true nature of God.  a) If there is progression, then God is infinitely patient and we don't need a church, and will eventually get home. b) Alternatively, if there is no progression then God is judgmental, exclusive, etc. and with my faults, He pre-programmed me for failure,  and eternal condemnation, never, ever a celestial life.

I came to a place where I thought the Mormon God made me imperfect because I was always destined to not live with Him in heaven.... that was a lie from hell. But I had to find the Bible God, who is love, and  the free Unmerited grace of the Great Lamb, Jesus Christ,  to find out how big a lie it was.  

B. H. Roberts evidenced the fraud.


I always enjoyed B. H. Roberts writings. He is a famous Mormon scholar.   At the University of Utah Marriott library I thought to look him up.  I found a manuscript of his review of a book "View of the Hebrews" comparing it to the Book of Mormon.  After reviewing page after page of double column comparisons,  along with data showing its publication was close to  Joseph Smith, was widely accessible in libraries,  I was convinced. the Book of Mormon plagiarized that book.

I came home, and threw my Book of Mormon awaya.  As I did, a bolt of lightening hit the Oquirrh Mt. at the same time.  I and our family then left the church.  It was not "true". 

I left without knowing hardly anything about Mormon church history. 

Had I known a thumbnail of Mormon church history, as I discovered in the last three months or so, I WOULD NEVER HAVE JOINED.

I did not know, when I joined, a) the Mormons had nearly always sought to build a government, financial, political  empire,  not a "spiritual only" kingdom, b) about  secret oaths of vengeance and 2nd anointings, c) that descendants of polygamous pioneers of interlinked families (Mormon Hierarchy)  were in control of nearly ALL of  church and Utah government offices for the "Kingdom building " benefits, not the people's,  and  d) our tithing dollars were supporting this church -embedded secret totalitarian  "government of God"  system benefiting the hierarchy purposes of taking over our U.S. and world, and e) these Mormon hierarchy family of leaders, sworn by blood oaths to build the "Prophets"  "Kingdom" that prohibits dissent,  were and are using public tax dollars and our own government structure for Mormon hierarchy benefits, not the public or people.   Conquering by infiltration and selling people a false story in the name of Jesus Christ. 


Had I have known any one of these facts, I would NEVER have joined. 

DAMAGES:  I taught our children lies. I could not teach them about the true Jesus who is the only true living God  they can trust to be storn enough and loving enough to lift them  out of the miry clay of life, up to Him on the rock, as He alone is the ONLY way to Heaven.   We paid out enormous sums of tithes to people in charge who knew all the Mormon history facts and are perpetrating a fraud by withholding facts I needed, and we all need, to make an informed decision about our eternal lives.  We sacrificed our children's welfare to build someone else's family's empire because they had the name of Jesus Christ on their Corporation.

I sincerely thank Dr. D. Michael Quinn for the enormous sacrifices he has made for all of us, to have truth in his monumental three volume Mormon Hierarchy  historical trilogy available on Amazon and Signature books. 

I also thank Ronald Karren who wrote The Exoneration of Emma, Joseph and Hyrum on Amazon. His book fills in some blanks as to how polygamy came to Mormonism via Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, and others.   While both authors appear to have opposite views on Joseph Smith, they support the fact that the modern Mormon  Church's, and Utah's roots, are in illegality, immorality, and law violations.


Apostle Dallin Oaks says secrecy is not lying.   Really?  Ask me about that please!

I respectfully disagree, but then he took a public oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution as the supreme law in Utah as a Justice, and did NOTHING to bring U.S. Constitution protections to Utah lawyers/judges.    Which of his oaths, and which of other Justice's  oaths, did they choose to follow? Justices of the Mormon Hierarchy,  such as Justices  Durham's, Parrish's Lee's, Pearce's, Durrant's, among other Justices, was more important?k  Well the fact of NO U.S. Supreme Court U.S. Constitutional protections for Utah State Bar members is a clue. They are the enforcement arm "God's Government" on earth, right?


My Utah State Bar life.

I had chosen to go to law school so I could make a difference in People's lives, who had suffered legal injuries.   After family accomplishments, my proudest day was taking my oath to uphold the United States  and Utah Constitutions.  I was totally sold out on our Declaration of Independence! I could do something to support it in our courts!   Except, I did not know Utah did not have U.S. Constitutional protections for lawyers licenses, and had not had them for over 50 years!  I also was trying to support our family financially with my husband whose pay had been cut along with others over the age  of 40. ​

I thought foolishly in retrospect, that if I just collected true facts, and connected them with the proper law, an impartial  judge would rule in my clients favor. 

Justice Durham was my S. J. Quinney University of Utah law school state constitutional law instructor.   She taught me that the U.S. Constitution was the "floor" of Citizens' rights, below which Utah's laws could not go without becoming  legally void.  She NEVER breathed a word about law students signing away their U.S. Constitutional rights when they join the Utah State Bar.


Much later, in 2008, Justice Durrant stated the same in State v. Briggs. 

What was my sin? I challenged Utah state court authority over the Navajo Nation, in favor of Navajo courts, in two cases involved in the Navajo Nation courts.  

What NO ONE told us law students, is that for 40 (forty) years,  the Mormon Hierarchy Courts, and prosecutors,  have not applied superior  U.S.  Constitutional and Treaty law to Indian Nations  according to 10th circuit court Judge, now Justice, Gorsuch for 40 years.  Two Ute decisions in 2015.   So, they haven't applied U.S. protections to Utah Bar members for over 50! 


My Prosecutors complaint revolves around 2 Navajo Court rooted cases. 

 In the first, won in Navajo Nation Court.   I had sort of a win in U.S. District court wherein Judge Jenkins issued an order that is the nation's most exhaustive historical analysis of Indian and Navajo law ever published in a United States Court in my FIRST true litigation.   Judge Jenkins refused my opposing counsel's five motion for sanctions.  He allowed amendment to the complaint not done for merit less complaints in federal courts.  He also said a judicial doctrine I was challenging should not apply to my clients, but he had to do so since he was ordered by the 10th circuit court to do so.

I was suing insured  San Juan  political subdivisions and officials for millions to go to a Navajo Nation District Court judge to disperse to Navajo Nation residents and counsel, as Navajo tradition would dictate, not for 1/3.  The insurer had the funds to cover the action.

In the second case, in Navajo Nation Family Court,  I made no appearance as counsel and did not work on it in any respect in Navajo courts.    I did convince opposing counsel to withdraw her meritless "state court" filing against my Navajo enrolled member clients  who resided within the Navajo Nation  where the alleged grandparents did also. That case was pro bono. 

 Lawyers and Judge Jenkins looking at the "appointed" Utah Justices' appointed "Prosecutor" Mr. Billy Walker,  could not find the discrete act I did to warrant my license's ten year prosecution.  See Complaint.  See Judge Jenkins' order.  I had no adequate prior notice of any specific wrongdoing with which to formulate a defense. It is noteworthy, that another lawyer of vast experience who prevailed against Utah in federal court in a Navajo trust fund case was discipline.

I had no U.S. Supreme Court- U.S. Constitutionally mandated adversarial trial, or an impartial trier (see Utah rule 14-506 (a) and (c)) in an area of Indian law forbidden to states by Congressional statue.

In the year 2000, I had handled a couple of cases prior, had no law office training, and endured the death of  our grandaughter and daughter (within 60 days of each other ) about 90 days before bringing injunction into federal court.  I contacted DOZENS of lawyers to help me to no avail. 

In the year 2000, when our granddaughter and grandchild died, I had to file a U.S. District court complaint.  Look at the facts of the Navajo Court to see thousands  of Indian Health Service patients were not going to medical facilities, because my defendants convinced the Indian Health Service patients they must now pay for services, through a campaign of using the U.S. mail to illegally privately bill the Indians for treaty pre-purchased health care, while hailing them into state court to py the bills.  Infants, elderly, people on medications that require monthly doctor visits for refills just stopped going anywhere. 

I had to file the case  with all my limitations.  Now I do understand I was suing some of the Mormon Hierarchy.  But there is more.

No help anywhere

 I was charged with filing frivolous and merit less claims, without  saying which ones.  I argued Treaty superiority over state law that is non existent within the Navajo Nation.


In about 2015, Judge Gorsuch, now Justice, while on the 10th Circuit spelled out how the Utah Courts and Justices ignored U.S. Constitutional and Treaty supremacy for 40 years. Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah & Ouray Reservation v. Myton (10th Cir., 2016, and Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah & Ouray Reservation v. Utah, 790 F.3d 1000 (10th Cir., 2015).   

The reason Utah subdivisions told the 10th Circuit was that the  State of Deseret had been formed as an independent nation that did not giver recognition to Indians.  Judge Gorsuch found this to be utter nonsense.  This argument was raised before Judge Dale Kimball, upon which my clients believed opposing counsel was playing  a "church" card back to his ancestors.  They were!  I got a formal complaint publicly filed against me.

Due to the Utah Justice's "rules" I and all Utah State Bar members, have no  impartial hearing officers or judges who could not lose their license if they ruled for my,  by the Prosecutor prosecuting them.  Rule 14-506(a) and (c)   All lawyer screening panel members can be prosecuted by the prosecutor Rule 14-506(a).  In all states and jurisdictions world wide. Wonder how they will rule?

I, and probably hundreds of lawyers, had no rule defined "screening panel of eight" because at that time, and for YEARS before, and after,  Prosecutor Mr. Walker had a secret policy of seleeting and  not calling five of the eight so just a "quorum" of three showed up.  This illegal group never made any findings of fact or evidence citations as was regularly done for possibly hundreds of lawyers over possibly decades.

The U.S. Supreme Court's standards of lawyer U.S. Constitutional protections were continuously violated by the Utah Justices since 1960, and since, particularly 1968's U.S. Supreme unanimous decision in In re Ruffalo. 

The Utah U.S. District Court adopts the Utah Bar rulings verbatim,  even though many of the Mormon hierarchy federal judges know the federal court has its own discipline rules, that no one referred me to.  Why? Because U.S. Supreme Court standards must apply in federal court.

I have charted the timeline as to how Utah Justices, knowing the U.S. standards, willfully, knowingly, purposefully, violated U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS lawyer protections. 

Justice Oaks knew and took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

Justices Durham, Lee, Pearce, Durrant, among other temple sworn (2nd anointed?) Hierarchy members, by marriage or direct pioneer blood line, did.  For decades, no Utah Justices applied the U.S. Constitution to Utah State Bar members!

Why?  Utah Justices made the State of Deseret as  Utah's roots!

Now I understood why I was charged with bringing "frivolous" and "meritless" "state of deseret" based claims that were NOT frivolous by U.S. standards.  My federal case, and many motions,  resulted in the most exhaustive analysis of Indian law history ever  published by a U.S. Court by Judge Bruce Jenkins.  MacArthur et al v. San Juan County et al, 391 F. Supp. 2d 895, 962 (D. Utah 2005).

I never knew my "Bar" license was in the State of Deseret, not Utah the state of the Union. 

Lawyers have no where to go. I am not the only one.  See In Re Steffesen, 2015, where "Justice Lee"says the Utah Justices will not hear U.S. Constitutional challenges to the Justices rules during a lawyers' prosecution.

I finally get it, mostly Mormon hierarchy  Justices, in the  1993 ruling "roots" Utah law into Mormon history, displacing, the Utah Territorial Supreme Court identifying the U.S. Constitution and U.S. law as Utah's common law.  And the Prophet's will is God's will, so that takes precedence over our United States Constitution.  Sig Heil!

The light came on!  The Utah "justices" made U.S. law subservient to the temple sworn "God's government" law.  And any past or present Utah State Bar member anywhere in the world can be hailed into Utah State Courts  on oppositions' complaints to anyone challenging a church favored institution or corporation, under claims they are filing frivolous or merit less cases. 


See  Justice Durham's description of what what records show  she helped a Gov. Matheson Constitutional committee create for the 1984 Utah Constitutional amendment.

Utah's 1984 amended constitution DESTROYED, obliterated, annihilated our  U.S. Constitutionally- mandated, elected republic representative-form of state government. Your 'legal extensions' cannot go to a legislator or governor or A.G. or other prosecute-able Bar member elected leaders, including Mormon U.S. Court judges, for relief.

The 1984 amendment, violated and rewrote unilaterally Congress' Enabling Act conditions for the "Utah territory" to become the "state of Utah" agreeing to uphold U.S. Constitutional law as "supreme" as a condition for federal funding, that hasn't existed since 1960, and especially since, 1985. 

Why?   (this is VERY important)

Because Utah Mormon hierarchical justices and other leaders are above the law of the U.S. by way of  "God's government" the "State of Deseret".  The State of Deseret is the inspired priesthood's and Brigham Young's "God's government" "kingdom" on earth and it takes precedence over secular law.   See D. Michael Quinn Mormon Hierarchy: Origins of Power pg. 81, also D.& C. 98:4-11  Every temple sworn Mormon (Justices, military, laswyers, senators, representatives, IRS, FBI, NSA, CIA, DOJ personnel, consecrates  his/her entire self to building  the "Prophet's " government on earth, operated by and for the growth and benefit of the Kingdom's  Princes and Princesses,  the Mormon Hierarchy,  that always, by God's revelation,  takes precedence over the members'  oaths to mere secular institutions..... that for nearly 100 years Mormon temple sworn people took treasonous oaths of vengeance against the United States to be taught to family children and their children.  These stopped in temples about 1930 as a result of the Reed Smoot investigation.


Because a  Mormon hierarchy that believes silence is not lying, who, in my opinion, lied when taking their U.S. tConstitutional oaths, honors a dictator church "Prophet" based on a fabricated Book  of Mormon, rooted in illegal and sexually abusive polygamy practices that resulted in about 100 years of secret blood oaths of vengeance against the United States, viewed as lesser law than the "Kingdom" of the State of Deseret God's government.

One favorite trick of the Utah  Justices is to blame the prosecuted lawyers for NOT arguing the U.S. Constitution rights proficiently or adequately, etc.   THEY HAVE ALL THE POWER AND DUTY, independent of any prosecuted lawyer to know and adopt U.S. Constitutional standards, and they willfully and knowingly chose to deprive Utah citizens' legal extensions, their lawyers and judges, of ALL legal protections, making them dutiful servants of the elite in ALL nations in the world.  See Steffeson and Rose.  Unlike any other state arm, these fully empowered "Justices" have armies of lawyers and have an undelegatable duty to initiate, adopt, apply and enforce the U.S. Bill of Rights as the Supreme Law of the land, indepedent of any lawyer or person, and have not, and will not, without force from you the People!

Also, the Mormon Hierarchy, probably laughingly uses those who join thinking they follow the same Jesus Christ in the Bible.  ​President Hinckley says the Mormons do not.  I have a chart of some rudimentary jpersonal notes showing how the two are different. 2 John 1:9-11 Amplfied Classic Bible says do not go with those who preach other than what Jesus taught. Reading the Bible like a child knowing nothing, reveals the true Jesus Christ. 

10 If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine [is disloyal to what Jesus Christ taught], do not receive him [do not accept him, do not welcome or admit him] into [your] house or bid him Godspeed or give him any encouragement. 

How about for starters, Jesus Christ never kept hidden anything, and silence by His standards is lying. John 18:20 'Amplified Bible classic.

Jesus answered him, I have spoken openly to the world. I have always taught in a synagogue and in the temple [area], where the Jews [habitually] congregate (assemble); and I have spoken nothing secretly.

All prospective Mormons and members deserve the truth.  All prospective Bar members deserve to know the truth.  Silence is stealing their money, time, talents, for a program they were not informed about. 

Thank you for reading this far.  I am trying to prevent you from making important decisions without full disclosure.  How you make them after full disclosure, at least as much as is available, is up to you.  Secrecy profited them very much, robbed my clients of their due process, interfered with federal and Indian law enforcement that well healed insurance carriers could have afforded to pay. 

Be blessed and my God's love lights shine on all Mormon followers and all those associated with a "state of deseret" "monarchy" dictator controlled Utah State Bar member in ANY capacity. 


Susan Rose